James Grant

Full Stack & Mobile Developer

About Me

Hi, my name is James Grant, I’m a full stack web and mobile app developer with over 6 years experience, based in the South West. I am currently working for the Royal Bank of Scotland as a frontend software engineer on a comercial banking platform.

I enjoy making clean and interactive UI that is quick and easy to use whilst also giving users an enjoyable experience. I have worked with a range of different languages and frameworks and I am always looking for opportunities to work with something new. The things that I currently have the most experience working with are: ES6 Javascript, React & Redux, Java, PHP, MySQL, Symfony, Android, SASS, git and AWS services.


A modern simple static resume template and theme. Powered by Jekyll and GitHub pages.

This is a Jekyll theme that I have recently created, in fact it is what this resume has been built with. I decided I wanted to learn how to create a fully open source project and thought that this would be the perfect project to do this with. It has allowed me to share something I have created in a way that will be helpful for lots of people while also learning from this myself.



itsgoingto.be is a simple voting site where a user can ask a question or topic top put to a vote. This question can then be shared with their friends/colleagues to vote on things like 'Where should we go for lunch?'.

The API for this site has been build using Symfony while the front end is a React/Redux app. I have used Docker to set up a development environment and Heroku to deploy and host the site. I have a suite of unit and API tests for the backend and unit tests for the front end.

I have been using this project as a way to increase many of my skills and also learn new things. I have particually enjoyed managing my own project and designing my own architecture and implementing this to a high standard.

Feel free to check out the whole project on GitHub to get a feel for how I work here.


Royal Bank of Scotland

Software Engineer

August 2017 - Present

I am currently working at The Royal Bank of Scotland as a full stack engineer focusing mostly on the front end of a corporate banking product. Working as part of a scrum team consiting of 5 developers, 2 testers and a PO/BA I have the oportunity to help drive the team forwards and work with the PO defining what we are building.

I spend most of my time working on a specifc area of a large application that our team take ownership over. The front end is a React app that talks to an API built using a collection of Java microservices. I have spent time working in multiple parts of the stack including helping to define our front end architecure to follow best practices to implementing PDF and CSV export in a microservice.

I enjoy learning about all areas of our application which allows me to be a go-to person for knowledge and queries within my team and the other teams in the office. I am always looking to suggest improvements and challenge what and how we are working to make sure we are delivering the best service to the customers while also developing to the highest standards.

During my time at Simitive I worked as part of an agile team building our own in house web based software and also a large scale website for an international client. I gained experience working with a continuous integration workflow using tools such as Jenkins and working with Amazon Web Services for deployments. We built most of our software using Symfony, Backbone, Marionette, Vue and Vuex.

For 6 months I was working on delivering a standalone web product for an international client that services over 600,000 users. This has been built from the ground up using Symfony to provide a backend API and Backbone for the front end. I also gained a lot of experience with Elasticsearch to provide search functionality of millions of entities to the front end. During the project I spent time out of hours communicating with the client, performing deployments and providing support.

Towards the end of my time at Simitive my role involved assisting with the company’s devOps, this included managing our AWS infrastructure as well as deploying and migrating sites. I also spend time configuring and maintaining our clients SSO, this mostly involves configuring new clients who are using AD FS, Shibboleth and CAS but also maintaining our software’s SSO functionality.




November 2015 - August 2017


Android Development

September 2016 - October 2016

I was asked to update an existing Android app to the latest version of Android and to fix any issues caused by this as well as a few other existing issues. This project had a very tight time scale and I was able to complete it in very good time while providing regular updates to the client.

While working at Nudge I was able to work on a large number of projects ranging from small Drupal sites to large enterprise level applications. I enjoy being able to work with clients to understand and surpass their expectations. At Nudge I was also given the oppertunity to work with all of my core skills and to gain new skills in things such as Symfony, Angular and Gulp. I also worked on a number of iOS and Android applications.

During my time at Nudge I was able to help the lead developer with the writing of Technical Specifications and also Project Requirements. I feel this is a useful skill to have as it helps me to become an even more well-rounded developer.

During the summer I had the opportunity to head to Accra, Ghana and work with the team out there. This was a great opportunity to learn more about the industry in another country but also to allow me to lead their team for a few weeks and gain lots of experience of remote teams.

Nudge Digital



August 2014 - November 2015

GWS Media


Web Developer

June 2012 - August 2014

I started working for GWS Media part time during my third year at University and continued full time once I had graduated. It was during this role that I learnt many of the fundamentals that I have been building on over the past 3 years. Whilst at GWS I had the opportunity to work with: Drupal, Magento, Bootstrap, Codeigniter, Android and iOS.

I feel like having the opportunity to use a large range of different things early on in my career has given me the drive to always want to try new tools and frameworks.


Bristol University

2010 - 2013

During my degree at Bristol University I learnt lots of key skills such as team work and project management. Although we mainly focused on software development and the principles of programming I use a lot of these skills to my advantage in my day to day work.

While at Bristol Uni I spent a lot of my free time with the Kitesurfing society. I spent 3 years on the committee as a secretary, trip rep and then media and promotions manager. During this time I took on roles from organising transport and designing posters to organising a trip to Portugal for over 30 students.

When I'm Not Programming

When I’m not sat at my desk I am very active and spend most of my time outdoors. I do a lot a sports such as mountain biking, road cycling, kitesuring and landboarding as well as trying to make time for things like rock climbing and playing some rugby. Since my time at Uni I have become a very keen Kitesurfer and freestyle Landboarder. In 2014 I competed and won the amateur landboard British powerkite tour.

I’m interested in photography and videography as I like to be creative, this is mainly through sport but I enjoy landscape and abstract photography too. I like to showcase my work on my website and instagram if you would like to take a look - jwgmedia.co.uk / jameswgrant.

Finally during the rest of my free time you will either find me working on my bikes, rock climbing at one of Bristol’s indoor climbing centres or down the Rec supporting Bath Rugby.